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Skill Development Sectors

National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) in India has mapped skill gaps in 20 high-growth sectors and the unorganised sector till the year 2022. These Skill Development Sectors are a classification of industry sectors where an array of jobs are available, for which skilled workforce is required and hence a need for industry specific skills training.

21 High-growth sectors identified by NSDC

  1. Automobile / auto components
  2. Electronics hardware
  3. Textiles and garments
  4. Leather and leather goods
  5. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  6. Gems and jewellery
  7. Building and construction
  8. Food processing
  9. Handlooms and handicrafts
  10. Building hardware and home furnishings
  11. IT or software
  12. ITES-BPO
  13. Tourism, hospitality and travel
  14. Transportation/ logistics/ warehousing and packaging
  15. Organised retail
  16. Real estate
  17. Media, entertainment, broadcasting, content creation, animation
  18. Healthcare
  19. Banking/ insurance and finance
  20. Education/ skill development
  21. Unorganised sector

The target group for skill development comprises of individuals entering the workforce for the first time (usually within the age group of 15-59 years), those employed in the organized sector and those working in the unorganized sector. AVTEG has offered its education consultancy services to develop industry specific Skills Training programs within these sectors. AVTEG also promote other skill development initiatives within the listed and unlisted sectors, as enumerated below:

  • Active participation with the local employer and industry associations to build industry specific training programs and eliminating training waste.
  • Supports Indian Skill Partners by increasing their capacity & capability by providing them with innovative skills training solutions.
  • Promotes Better Skill Better Pay Better Life for all who attain skills training.
  • Provides platform to education consultants for collaborative learning.
  • Encourage candidates with years of experience to attain formal recognition of their skills and apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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